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Fear My Half-Assery!

I finished up the mood theme.

I downloaded three different ones... Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure. For each one, it came with a little picture for every single mood you can pick from. Still, I went along, and half-assed-ly put them in at random (i.e not playing favourite character) and left the "same image as angry, for example, box checked) I'm too lazy to go through all of them now, though at least something will show up, no matter what mood you put in.

They're just a little too irritating to put in, because I have them saved on PhotoBucket in ABC order, and the uploading list for LJ is all over the place. A tad annoying, I think. Ah, well, ah well.

Just so you know, your own Mood Theme will show up on this posting page, even though you'll have it set to "GrimsbyAnime" as your posting destination. They'll show up on the Community's main Journal page (

And I'm still open for activity suggestions!
Why do you all want to do this new year?
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